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Olympic A-life Ambassador

Meet our double Olympian A-life ambassador, Angela Hannah! Angela has always had an active lifestyle and agrees with us that learning the lessons that A-life teach at a young age is very important.

Read on as Angela shares with us how an Olympic athlete trains and eats, how she got into Sprint Kayaking and what she loves about it…

Name: Angela Hannah
Sport: Sprint Kayaking
Event: 500m
Olympics raced in: London 2012, Rio 2016

About Me

Fast Facts

Where did you grow up? Zimbabwe

What sports did you play? Tennis, swimming, cross country, athletics, hockey and rowing…

When did you start Sprint Kayaking? In my 2nd year at university

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Growing up in Zimbabwe, I used to play a variety of sports such as tennis, swimming, cross country, athletics, hockey and rowing. I was at university in my 2nd year when I was approached to try out sprint kayaking. I had only just heard of it through a friend on my course who already did it. I had to look on YouTube to see what it was. I was accepted onto a national programme from September 2007 until the 2016 Rio Games.

My Training Programme

Fast Facts

Training session length : 1.5 hours

Number of sessions per day: 2 or 3 per day

Number of days per week: 6 days (no training on Sundays!)

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I love being on the water. It is an incredible way to travel, be in nature and also get a great workout. Training varies depending on the time of year. A typical day is 2-3 1.5 hour sessions a day, Monday to Saturday. Winter training incorporates lots of distance on the water and gym work. Summer training will change to be more sprint base work at high intensities.

What I eat

Fast Facts

Typical training drink: 200ml fresh pineapple juice, 600ml water, pinch of salt flakes

Post-gym snack: 200ml Greek yogurt, handful of almonds and dessert spoon of honey

Favourite food(s): Thin crust pizza, lamb kebabs or tapas

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Being a part of the National team has allowed me to travel to many European countries as well as South Africa, Australia and Brazil for training camps and competitions. I love trying all the different foods in each country, so it is good I like to train! I would struggle to have a favourite food, but a thin crust pizza, lamb kebabs and certain tapas are certainly up there. I have a serious sweet tooth for bakery and a simple fresh glazed doughnut is always appreciated with a cup of tea. The amount of training I do means that I need to eat more calories than most people!