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Classroom Fitness

Are you finding that you’re spending a lot more time with your class in the classroom? Looking for ways to still fit in some Physical Activity despite being classroom-bound? We know how important it is to get children active, for their concentration, mood, energy levels and physical and mental health. So we’ve designed some simple workouts that are fun for children but can be carried out in the classroom, at their desks. Choose from 5, 10 or 15 minute workouts and simply press play. The children will love working out with the A-life coach and come back to their work refreshed.


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Classroom Fitness Sessions

Year 1&2 Desk Workouts 5 & 10 mins

Themed workouts, games and active quizzes pitched at their level to get children’s imagination going and keep them moving and smiling.

Year 3&4 Desk Workouts 5, 10, 15 mins

A mixture of HIIT workouts, games and themed workouts to get children active and energized.

Year 5&6 Desk Workouts 5, 10, 15 mins

More challenging HIIT workouts and active games for older children to burn off some energy and get their endorphins pumping and brains rejuvenated.

Get access to ALL classroom workouts for the term for just £99+vat 


Free Home Workouts

We also have some free, fun, themed workouts to keep children active while at home (aimed at ages 4-10), all filmed during lock down. To subscribe for free, click below.

Looking for something more hands-on?

Check out our in-school workshops. These are our most interactive workshops as we bring a wide variety of hands-on equipment for children to get stuck in…. We have a number of Covid-secure measures in place to make this sort of learning possible and safe in the current climate. Click here for more information.

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