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FREE home fitness

Check out our fun, themed workouts to keep children active while at home (aimed at ages 4-10). Exercise is so important to mental and physical health and children need exercise to be fun and engaging or they simply won’t do it. Most of these workouts were recorded live during lockdown. So have a go, get the whole family involved and share with others too! Please subscribe to our channel below.


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More Home Workouts for the Whole Family

Circus Themed Workout 22 mins

Make up your own props and have some fun!

Olympic Themed Workout 22 mins

Join us for some Summer and Winter Olympics fun

Beach Themed Workout 23 mins

A fun workout for kids with a beach theme, beach games and even surf lessons!

More Home Workouts for the Whole Family


1)  Around The World Theme Workout 2) Sports Day Theme Workout 3) Fitness Party Theme Workout  4) Animal Theme Workout 5) Fun Fitness Theme Workout  6) Alphabet Fitness Code Workout 7) 5 minute Hiit Workout 8) Family Workout For The Whole Family


Looking for something more hands-on?

Check out our in-school workshops. These are our most interactive workshops as we bring a wide variety of hands-on equipment for children to get stuck in…. We have a number of Covid-secure measures in place to make this sort of learning possible and safe in the current climate. Click here for more information.

We also offer online/distance versions of some of our workshops, please click here to find out more.