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At A-life, what we love most is going into schools, motivating and inspiring children directly with our hands-on, fun and educational workshops. We can’t wait to do that again, but in the meantime we wanted to make sure we continue to help children and their families with their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Below are some activities we have put together, based on some of our most popular school workshop activities, adapted for online/at home use. We hope you enjoy these resources, please share them with your friends and family.


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Healthy Workshops approx. 45 mins

Food Choices – Find out why we eat and about healthy food choices.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops approx. 45 mins

Get connected – join Brainy as he learns about the importance of connecting with other people.

Fitness Sessions approx. 45 mins

The Alphabet Code – Have fun learning our special active code.

Free Home Workouts for Kids


Check out our fun themed fitness workouts to keep children active while at home (aimed at ages 4-10) . Exercise is so important to mental and physical health and children need exercise to be fun or simply they wont do it. So have a go and we hope you share with others too, please subscribe to our channel too 🙂 1) Olympic Theme Kids Home workout 2) Beach Theme Kids Home Workout 3)  Around The World Theme Workout 4) Sports Day Theme Workout 5) Fitness Party Theme Workout 6) Circus Theme Workout 7) Animal Theme Workout 8) Fun Fitness Theme Workout  9) Alphabet Fitness Code Workout 10) Family Workout For The Whole Family Most of these were recorded live during lockdown

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