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Zoom Options

In the current climate, our Zoom options give schools the flexibility to enjoy an instructor-led, engaging workshop, but from a distance. With some schools not allowing visitors just yet, we wanted to make sure there was still the support for delivering these essential elements of thecurriculum by an experienced external provider. So we have adapted our In-school Workshops, to offer these Zoom options where your A-life coach live feeds into the classroom and leads the pupils through the sessions, bringing extra energy, fun and pupil engagement!


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Zoom Workshops

Zoom Mental Health Workshop Available 2021

Based on our Classroom Workshop but delivered by your A-life coach for maximum fun and engagement, from a distance!

Zoom Alcohol & Drug Awareness Years 5-8

Our In-school Session from a distance. Your A-life coach will unpack these sensitive subjects through a mixture of screen-sharing and interactive elements.

Zoom Fitness Sessions Bespoke Workout

Let us know the age group and your A-life coach will deliver a super fun, age-appropriate fitness session to get your pupils burning off some energy and refreshed.

For pricing and to order your Zoom Workshops, please see below.


Other Options

In-School Workshops

If you are open for visitors and looking for something more hands-on, head over to our in-school workshops to explore our most interactive sessions as we bring a wide variety of hands-on equipment for children to get stuck in…. We have a number of Covid-secure measures in place to make this sort of learning possible and safe in the current climate. Click here for more information.

Classroom Workshops

Prefer to deliver the session yourself? We also offer our Mental Health & Well-being Workshop as a ‘click and go’ classroom workshop, where you can simply print out the worksheets, press play and the engaging, video-style workshop runs the lesson for you, setting tasks, challenges and even workouts!


Zoom Mental Health Workshop £199+VAT per class
Zoom Alcohol & Drug Awareness £199+VAT per class
Zoom Fitness Session £150+VAT per class

For more information or to order your Zoom Sessions, please use the form below.

For more information or to order your Zoom Workshops, please fill out the form below.

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