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About A-life

A-life is a leading provider of health & wellbeing workshops for primary schools. We are passionate about making these topics engaging and impactful and have a range of in-school workshops and online packages to suit all needs and budgets.

Our In-School workshops include: Healthy Eating / Healthy Living Workshops, Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop, Alcohol & Drug Awareness and Fun Fitness Sessions.

Our Online Programme includes: Brain Boost & Body Boost Subscription (an ad-free video bank of mental & physical health lesson boosts to use anytime) and our Online Mental Health video workshop (40-60 minute video workshop for Y1-6).

Founded in 2004, we have over 20 years’ experience and have visited thousands of schools, teaching over 1.5 million children face-to-face, with outstanding feedback and a 5 star rating almost every time. Why do schools love us? Because we provide truly educational workshops that tick a vast number of curriculum objectives but which are delivered in a hands-on, great fun, interactive way. Everyone that works for us is passionate about what we do and the messages we teach, ensuring that schools and pupils alike get the absolute best from their day.

Our Mission

A-life’s mission is to help as many children as possible to understand the importance of creating healthy habits from a young age. We provide tools to equip children to understand their bodies and minds better and why it matters that they look after them in an engaging way that will sink deep and remain with them, resulting in a healthier, happier life. Children learn best through play, so A-life in-school workshops are intentionally fun, incorporating kinaesthetic, audio and visual learning so as to really engage all children and ensure maximum impact, learning and retention. Our Online Programme builds on this and ensures all schools can access our teaching and drip these vital messages into everyday learning, both at school and at home.