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Healthy Workshops

Our Healthy Workshops are extremely hands-on with minimal ‘teaching from the front and maximum pupil participation.

They are differentiated throughout, increasing in difficulty as pupils progress through the key stages. Pupils are challenged to stretch themselves beyond their existing knowledge and experience of healthy living as they solve problems, answer thought-provoking questions and complete tasks.

Our wide range of activities ensures all pupils can access our workshops, irrespective of their age or ability. Activities are stimulating and engaging with the key messages of looking after our bodies and keeping healthy infiltrating our whole programme.

Session Details

  • Session Length: 1 hour (approx.)
  • No. of pupils per session: up to 65
  • Age suitability: Nursery-Year 6
  • No. of sessions per day: up to 5 (300 children)*

*Or mix n match with fitness sessions or alcohol & drug awareness to suit your school size / requirements.

What a session looks like

Your A-life coach will set out 20-25 hands-on activities around the room, so that children are never waiting to use equipment, they are engaged with a fun activity at all times. Each activity station has its own topic, hands-on equipment to explore, an information board and an activity card.

The stations are age-appropriate, with 4 difficulty levels that can be changed at any time to suit even the most diverse class or mixed age group (including special needs). Your coach will work with you to make sure all children are challenged and get the most out of the session.

Children will be put into small groups and, after a short introduction from your A-life coach, head off to one of the action-packed activity stations.

At the end, your coach will round off the session with a short group discussion to consolidate the learning, focussing on a key theme (or themes) of your choice. 

Activity stations

  • Delve into the human body (quite literally!) using a T Shirt with AR technology – mind blowing
  • Explore different emotions and understand the 5 ways to mental health & well-being
  • Use puzzles to explore different fruits and vegetables and getting 5 a day
  • Watch a short DVD to discover new ways of keeping fit and active
  • Piece together the human body, exploring the function of each organs and bones
  • Use life-like foods to discover what a balanced diet is all about
  • Play different games that show where food comes from, how food grows and foods from around the world
  • Explore how much sugar is in different foods and drinks
  • Check out their tooth brushing technique and see how their personal hygiene is
  • Find out how much sleep they need and whether they are getting it
  • Sort household items into ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ bins
  • Use maths to shop to a budget
  • Follow directions around a map to different takeaways
  • Simulate the effects of drinking too much alcohol, testing its effect on our balance and ability to walk (Year 5 upwards. Always supervised by an adult.)

…And LOADS more!

Our Healthy Workshops usually go hand in hand with our Fitness Sessions .

If you would prefer more of a focus on Mental Health & Wellbeing we have a whole 1 hour interactive session based on the ‘five ways to wellbeing’ (GetCALM)

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