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Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Our unique Alcohol and Drugs Awareness Workshops (years 5 – 8) create a safe environment for pupils to begin considering this sensitive subject.

We aim to prepare not to scare as we delve into the issues around the potential dangers and health problems associated with drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Session Details

  • Session Length: 1 hr 15/30 mins (Y5&6) 1 hr 30/45 mins (Y7&8)
  • No. of pupils per session: up to 35
  • Age suitability: Years 5-8
  • No. of sessions per day: up to 4 for Year 5&6 (approx 120 chldren) up to 3 for Year 7&8 (approx 90 chldren)*

*Or mix n match with Fitness Sessions or Healthy Workshops to suit your school size / requirements.

What a session looks like

These workshops are usually hall/classroom-based and include an interactive presentation led by a trained A-life coach combined with hands-on activities for maximum impact getting the children actively involved in movement discussions and demonstrations.

Pupils find this workshop setting a comfortable and relaxed space in which to explore the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol, as well as the associated issues of peer pressure and knowing how to make informed, sensible decisions.

Our experienced coaches will provide a fun and relaxed approach, offering hands-on activities and anecdotal stories to help children engage in this serious and important topic which many schools and families find difficult to tackle. 


Feedback From A Parent/Teacher

Dear A-life,
Thank you for the great Drugs Awareness Session you delivered today for the year 6 children. I was pleased to listen in with the class I support as my own children has told me so much about it when they had the session a few years ago. Now aged 16 and 17, my daughters attended this school. They still sometimes talk about the A-life session and how much of an impression it made on them. It is one of the highlights of their primary school education. They chat about the beer goggles and the beanboozled game, the pictures they saw and the jar filled lungs. I am sure that the workshop provided to them has had a lasting positive impact and supported them to make informed sensible choices throughout their teenage years. Thank you for all that you are doing for our young people. 
Kind regards. 
Parent/teacher at St Bedes Catholic Primary School, Basingstoke