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Healthy Schools

The government’s National Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) was introduced in 1999 to encourage schools to focus on teaching the vital lessons of healthy eating, physical activity, PSHE (including alcohol & drug awareness) and sexual health and emotional well-being.

Schools were required to achieve their National Healthy Schools Status (NHSS) by 2011, when the scheme (in its National remit) came to an end. 2013 saw the introduction of localised Healthy Schools schemes, to replace the National scheme. Amongst others, Healthy Schools London has picked up the baton and continues to help schools in their drive for becoming ‘healthy schools’ via their awards-based programme, through which schools work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold Healthy Schools awards.

Healthy Schools Week

Many of the schools we visit use us because they are running a Healthy Schools Week and are looking for healthy schools activities and resources to support their special week.

Our healthy workshops are perfect for a healthy schools week as our activities and resources help schools to teach the healthy living elements of RHE, Science, PSHE and PE curriculum (with cross-curricula links to English, Maths, Geography & History).

How does A-life fit in?

  • A-life is a listed resource on the Healthy Schools London website under their Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and PSHE categories, as our Healthy Workshops, Fun Fitness and Alcohol & Drug Awareness sessions have been recognized as excellent resources to help schools in all 3 of these categories.
  • Our Healthy Workshops, Mental Health & Wellbeing workshops, Fun Fitness and Alcohol & Drug Awareness sessions are ideal healthy schools week activities, perfect for contributing towards the Healthy Schools Bronze & Silver awards.

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