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The Virtuali-Tee AR T Shirt

As seen in the A-life school workshops, children delve into the human body (quite literally!) and see through a T Shirt combined with AR technology how different systems in the body work.

Curiscope’s incredible Virtuali-Tee, viewed through a free app, let’s children learn about the human body…on a human body. With beautifully designed augmented reality and amazing 3D learning experiences they can explore the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems with fully immersive 360 video. They can even track their heart rate and see it animating live in the app. 

As the Virtuali-tee is fun, educational and interactive A-life decided to be one of the UK’s main distributers. So if you are looking to buy some for your school or for your children/personal use please email us the size and amount to

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Price: £30 for child sizes and £36 for adult sizes plus £3 postage & packaging (free app)

Adult and child sizes available. Click here to email us your order enquiry. Please note these size guides are based on an average child that age wearing the T-shirt (not on top of a school uniform) So we suggest schools order slightly larger for school settings: See detailed size guide in link below.

Kids XL (ages 12/14) 

Adult Small

Having taught over 1 million children about keeping fit and healthy, the A-life team are pretty confident about what engages children and gets their attention. It’s so important to us that we provide activities that really engage children, as they will make far more impact in their brains and lives.

Greater contextual understanding of the human body and therefore our own fitness and health was one of the core reasons behind us creating the Virtuali-Tee. For too many what goes on beneath our skin is too abstract and this leaves us disconnected when it comes to looking after ourselves.

Ed Barton, CEO of Curiscope

It’s the perfect STEM educational resource for transforming Science learning in the home or in the classroom. Kids light up when they see the body come to life and love seeing what it looks like to dive inside the intestines! 

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