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Staff PE Training – CPD

CPD is an essential strand of any school’s provision for their staff and with the increasing demands on schools to provide pupils with opportunities to participate in high quality, sustained periods of physical activity, many staff are looking for new ideas and activities to help them deliver these expectations.

A-life training sessions are packed full of games and ideas for teachers. From basic warm up ideas to team games, to skills sessions, our A-life team will provide plenty of activities and ideas to inspire and equip staff as they go back to their classrooms and deliver PE.

Session Details

  • Session Length: 1 hour
  • No. of teachers per session: up to 35
  • Age suitability: All ages and abilities

Only available after an A-life day with the children

Staff PE Training sessions give lots of ideas to take back to the classroom and can also be a great team building activity.

What a session looks like

As with children, we find the best way for staff to learn and remember the activities is to join in! Our staff training session is practical and staff may want to bring comfy shoes as we ask them to get involved with the games and activities (participation is, of course, not compulsory). Due to the nature of this practical session, we also find that this CPD training soon becomes a team building and staff bonding session as an extra benefit. After the session, we will provide a pack containing all the ideas (and many others) that we covered in the session.

  • Team building
  • Active, hands-on training
  • Session pack includes more than 30 games ideas
  • Lots of laughter and learning

A note from our founder

PE is such an important subject that teaches essential life skills such as resiliance, competition & discipline. When I was at school I struggled with academics but PE & sport was the subject where I could let off some steam and grow in confidence. I believe if schools increased the amount of time children were active during the day and reduced the amount of focus on some other subjects naturally grades would improve as children would be more focussed, sleep better and have improved mental & physical health. Our A-life Online subscription service is a great resource to support busy teachers to get children more active during the school day.

A-life Online Subscription Service - Body Boost & Brain Boost