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Reasons To Book A-life

At A-life we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service for every school we visit. Since we started in 2004, we have been dedicated to ensuring that our activities use the highest quality resources and teach the curriculum in a way that schools cannot do themselves.

Of the 1500+ schools we have visited, teachers often tell us they are amazed at the number and quality of our resources. We want to make sure you get excellent value for money by booking an experienced provider, whose workshops tick loads of curriculum objectives, engage all children and the day is enjoyed by all. Children mental and physical health is a key priority to every parent and teacher and the backbone of creating a thriving school and community.


  • We have taught over 1.5 million children in 1500+ schools over the last 19 years with outstanding feedback and a 5 star rating almost every time.
  • We are a leading provider of healthy workshops, working with a number of councils and a recognised supplier under the Healthy Schools London programme.
  • We have worked with 40,000+teachers so understand the challenges, long working hours and time pressure teachers face and that’s why we have created our sessions to take the workload off you and provide children with a truly unforgettable learning experience which teachers can then reference to in their lessons.
  • We have worked with 5 councils to help with various health education programmes.
  • We were on the Health & Well-being panel at BETT 2020

Value for money

  • We can cater for up to 65 pupils at a time in each of our sessions (35 pupils for drugs and alcohol workshop)
  • Our extensive curriculum provision ensures maximum impact and reduces the need for further costly providers or trips
  • We provide letters for parents, a personalised school report after each visit and content to use in your school newsletter or website
  • On average, children receive two sessions with an A-life coach in one day for approx. £3 per child (depending on the programme / timetable booked by the school – other options include 1 session for approx. £1.50 per child)
  • We also have online versions available as an option for schools with smaller budgets or that are far away or simply would prefer an online version that the teacher can run using our programme.

Bringing the curriculum to life

  • Our workshops cover a large number of curriculum objectives in a 1 hour session
  • Differentiated activities and tasks have been carefully designed to be accessible for all ages and abilities, from those with severe SEN up to the brightest year 6 pupils
  • Specialist knowledge and carefully researched activities challenge and stretch children beyond their existing knowledge about the human body and healthy living
  • Hands-on, interactive resources are stimulating and educational

Whole school benefit

  • Long term benefits of the messages we deliver include improvements in pupil behaviour, concentration levels, academic performance and even attendance.

Ticking all the right boxes?

  • A-life meets the requirement of the National Curriculum as we contribute towards ‘(preparing) pupils…for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life’ and to teach them ‘…the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle’
  • A-life will contribute towards Ofsted expectations that pupils will be offered a ‘broad and balanced curriculum that promotes their good behaviour and safety and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development’.
  • With safeguarding being a top priority of schools, A-life meets Ofsted’s advice to schools that the ‘teaching about safety and relationships as part of PSHE education contributes to how schools approach the safeguarding of pupils’.
  • The Government has set out healthy living as a priority, with financial input into local educational authorities and schools with the aim to ‘improve the quality of PE and sport’ in schools and to ‘reduce obesity’ amongst children.
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