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Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop

Equipping children to understand the importance of and how to look after their mental health each day.

“Workshops were informative & very interactive. Children were engaged throughout and enjoyed all activities – very child led. The instructor was organised clear and calm. Very happy children! Thank you so much!” Prospect House Primary School
An innovative and engaging workshop helping primary schools to create a culture of wellbeing and deliver the mental health elements of the Relationships and Health Education curriculum.

Designed around the evidence-based 5 Ways to Wellbeing and using A-life’s hands-on style of teaching, this in-school workshop enables children to delve into their learning, understanding how physical & mental health are intricately linked, and the importance of looking after (and improving) their mental health & wellbeing.

Session Details

  • Session Length: 1 hour
  • No. of pupils per session: Approx. 30
  • Age suitability: Years 1-6
  • No. of sessions per day: Up to 5 (150 children)*

*Or mix n match with our 'school workshops'

Mental & physical health are strongly linked

What a session looks like

This will follow a similar pattern to our Healthy Workshop, a very hands-on and interactive session that engages the children as they explore the various stations and activities. The stations are designed around the evidence-based ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, which are the 5 keys that have been recognised to improve mental wellbeing in children and adults. To help children remember the 5 ways to wellbeing we have created a simple acronym GetCALM, standing for: 

Get your 5 a day

  • get  Giving
  • get  Connected
  • get  Active
  • get  Learning
  • get  Mindful


We have carefully tied in about 90% of the RHE curriculum into this workshop. With learning, fun and sustainability at the heart of what we do. 

Activity Stations

After a quick introduction by the A-life coach children visit each activity in their small group. Each activity kicks off with a short video starring Brainy our fun character who is learning about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing! Then the small group are set off on a timed challenge with a huge mixture of audio, visual, kinesthetic learning, including the latest technology for maximum retention. Here are some of the challenges to give you a taster:
  • Explore different emotions and looking after yourself, respectful and empathetic relationships with others
  • Escape room type challenge, children work together to unlock the box before the time runs out
  • Learn about being safe, basic first aid and where to go for / how to get help 
  • Take part in challenges, solve scenarios by working as a team to complete tasks
  • Enjoy Virtual Reality & Immersive Audio experiences to help children take notice of the world around them
  • Take part in a fun physical activity challenge
  • Explore sensory stations to tune into and reconnect with their senses
  • Use puzzles and other hands-on activities to learn about relationships and that connecting with others is key to mental wellbeing

We are very keen to develop connections with parents/carers and teachers so they are able to support the children with this crucial topic of mental wellbeing. Parent Workshops available during school and/or after school.

We also have an  Online Mental Health & Wellbeing video-based version for Years 1-6.  Teachers simply ‘click and go’, running the lesson from a screen at the front of the class. The lesson comes with easy to use worksheets for the children and includes engaging teaching bites, class discussion, worksheet fun and even a 5 minute desk workout!