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Fitness Sessions

Our Fitness Sessions are designed to give all pupils a full body workout combined with key messages about keeping healthy.

We provide a fun-packed, non-stop, fast-paced, sweat inducing session that motivates pupils to understand that keeping active is a vital part of staying healthy. Our aim is to encourage children to choose active lifestyles and to help them realise that being active and choosing to participate in exercise can be a lot of fun.

Session Details

  • Session Length: 30 minutes (KS1) 45 minutes (KS2)
  • No. of pupils per session: up to 65
  • Age suitability: Nursery-Year 6
  • No. of sessions per day: up to 7 Ks2 circuits /9 Ks1fitness (max. 540 children)*

*schools often do fitness following a Healthy Workshop.

By the age of 7 years old most children are said to have already decided whether they enjoy being active.

Great way to spend your Sports Premium
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Great way to spend your Sports Premium
Find out more

A key factor in PE and exercise for a child is fun. Our A-life Coaches have excellent training and experience to deliver the fitness sessions in a fun, active and memorable way. Children are engaged whatever their fitness level and physical capability, enjoying themselves and improving their fitness at the same time. To maximise the fun factor, we provide 2 different fitness sessions. EYFS & KS1 take part in Fun Group Fitness and KS2 enjoy Active Circuits to music.


What a session looks like:

What a session looks like: Children are taken through a fun, well-paced 30 minutes of active play jungle trails, peas in a pod game & sports medley, combining fitness with numeracy and healthy living facts in a very active and thoroughly enjoyable session. This session has been cleverly choreographed to incorporate bending, jumping, spinning, running, hopping, skipping and even lunging! So much fun, children’s heart rates are raised the entire time without them even realising they are exercising.


A 45 minute circuit fitness session using a mixture of specialist equipment to challenge children’s strength, jumping, balance, fitness, flexibility and coordination in a fun but controlled environment. The session exposes them to new forms of exercise with circuits including boxing, trampolining, push-up hockey, the balance challenge, the gym zone and more. Set to a backdrop of energising music, children are motivated even more to push themselves to their limits and come out dripping with sweat… and with very smiley faces!

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