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Getting Outside– Children’s Health

Outdoor play is so important and beneficial for children. There are a number of benefits to children getting outdoors and exploring the world and these are not limited to the exercise children get whilst doing outdoor activities.

Many of us would agree that getting some fresh air is always good, but there are some important aspects to getting out that we don’t always think about. Being outside as a child means you are interacting with elements such as air, dirt, water, fire ( if you go camping). These are all part of life and when children are not exposed to all these things how can they fully grasp the world they live in?

Playing outside can present children with new challenges that they may not often experience. These can be both physical and mental challenges. Children learn the art of falling over, improve their coordination, spatial awareness, muscular strength and fitness. Also part of developing as a child is not just the physical but the mental too. Imagination play and stimulating a child’s mind helps them grow, learn and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Also the amount of children who spend most of their holiday on the sofa glued to a screen is staggering. Getting out and about with your children is vital for their health and life lessons. So what are you panning today….

football in the garden,

a play at the park,

a trip to the skate park,

a parkrun event on Saturday,

a family cycle,

a trip to the beach,

An A-life fitness circuit in the garden


We wish you a lovely holiday and time with the children.


Get Healthy, Get Active, Get A-life