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Holiday clubs looking to enhance their HAF provision for Healthy eating

A-Life – Interactive Healthy Lifestyle Workshops & Fitness

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Hazel Ling (Office Manager)     01183 343590

About Us   

A-life have been visiting schools for over 18 years running a range of really engaging and interactive Health & Wellbeing Workshops that are super hands-on, fun, educational and memorable. We have taught over 1 million children and recently worked with over 25 holiday clubs to enhance their provision for healthy living/eating and fitness for the HAF programme.

Our Sessions  Overview Video

We are really adaptable and can work with small numbers of children from different year groups or much larger groups. Our activities are great for all abilities as well as SEND children as they are very hands-on and multi-sensory.

Here are some links for the different workshops we offer or see below for more details:

Healthy WorkshopsSee video – A 1 hour hands-on session that engages and motivates children as they gain new learning and embed existing knowledge on the topic of the human body and keeping healthy. Some of the topics include: the human body, mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating, drinking water, 5 a day, where food comes from, the importance of physical activity, teeth, hygiene, sleep, screens, household safety, making informed choices and much more. We normally set up 20-25 different stations for children to explore and learn in their groups. If there is space we can also set up a small fitness zone for children to enjoy as part of the workshop. (Nursery-Yr 6)

After a workshop we can also provide:

Fun Fitness Sessions – See video – Designed to give all pupils a full body workout at the same time as reinforcing the key messages of keeping healthy from the hands-on workshop. A fun-packed, non-stop, fast-paced session that motivates pupils to understand that keeping active is a vital part of staying healthy and can be a lot of fun.  (Nursery-Yr6)

or instead of the healthy workshops we could run:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops – See video (GetCALM) – Using the A-life hands-on style of teaching that enables children to delve into their learning. Children visit activity stations to learn how mental health and physical health are intricately linked, and the importance of looking after (and improving) their mental health and wellbeing. The framework for the session is built on the evidence based Five Ways to Wellbeing and include a large amount of the RHE curriculum 2020. (Yr1-6)

“Very engaging for all ages – Excellent knowledge from session leader – Good selection of varied activities – Fun way to learn important lifeskills – Children were learning through playing the games. – Good round up chat at the end to see what the children have learnt. We cannot fault the session 10/10 it’s been amazing from Francis Baily Holiday Club. Children’s comments: . Evie & Charlie – I liked wearing the sleep goggles and was amazed how much sugar there is in cola!!”  Onsite Holiday club@Francis Bailey School