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ALL NEW Mental Health Workshop activity!

We are so excited to have just launched our brand new mental health & wellbeing activity station in our Healthy Workshop this term! Its already a huge hit with the children.
Our mental and physical health are intricately linked, which makes it really important that we look after both of them. If we neglect our physical health, this will affect our mental health wellbeing and vice versa. With this in mind, we were really keen to add a mental health station to our Healthy Workshop.
Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
KS1 children learn about different emotions and how things make them feel. They learn that people feel differently about things and that is OK.
KS2 pupils learn about the 5 keys to mental health wellbeing and how our physical and mental health are linked. They will learn to identify things that help our brains to function well and things that can harm our brains.
We believe this is vital for children to learn, especially given the rapid increase in mental health illnesses diagnosed in children. We have designed the activities to really engage and inspire children to take care of their mental wellbeing.
Here are some other topics are workshops cover: the human body, mental health & wellbeing, healthy eating, drinking water, 5 a day, where food comes from, importance of physical activity, teeth, hygiene, sleep, household safety, alcohol & drugs (Yr 5/6 only) making informed choices.
ALSO, stay tuned for our stand-alone mental health workshop, coming in 2020!!