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Why is playing outside so important for children?

Playing outside is so important and beneficial for children. There are a number of benefits to children getting outdoors and exploring the world and these are not limited to the exercise children get whilst doing outdoor activities.

Getting exercise – An obvious one but so important. The exercise children get, combined with fresh air, will help them sleep better too. Also children learn essential skills like falling over without hurting themselves, balance, coordination, hand-eye coordination.

Fresh air & sun – As above, key to general health as well as a good night’s sleep, sun gives essential vitamin D which strengthens bones and has many other health benefits.

Interacting with elements like air, mud, water (or possibly fire, camp fire!). All part of our earth and if children are not exposed to all these things how can they fully grasp the world they live in?

Physical challenges – Most children love climbing, clawling, skidding, bouncing all of which help children with their development.

Stimulating the imagination – Imagination play and stimulating a child’s mind helps them grow, learn and develop into well-rounded individuals. Whether it be playing with mud & worms, army games, making up gymnastic shows or a climbing frame. Imagining all different situations and interacting with other children and adults helps prepare them adulthood and develops them socially as well as mental health.

Increased confidence in children. Some children who are naturally more timid often come out of their shells when given the opportunity to ‘play’.

Bottom line put the screens down and get the kids outside this easter, a park, the garden, a cycle track. Thanks for reading


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