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What is the most interactive school workshop?

Here are some of the feedbacks from schools A-life visited in July 23

The children said ” it was fun and interesting and we would definitely recommend it for next years cohort!. The presentation was lively and engaging, pitched at the right level to shock ( but reassure) and ultimately educate the pupils. The displays being interactive were great for all the different styles of learning. Thanks to Pete and Hazel for their time and professionalism. 5* Little Green Junior

Brilliant day which kept the children engaged throughout. Age and curriculum appropriate content was delivered in a fun and interactive way. Thanks 🙂 5* Whitehills Primary School

Great Session for the children. All engaged and learning. They enjoyed it very much. Fantastic to see the children working in teams. Whitehall Infant School

A fantastically interactive day, the kids loved it. All of my classes were engaged all day, even those who find change challenging. Very educational and enjoyable. 5* Orchard Primary School

The children were very engaged in all activities in both Healthy Living and Fitness workshops. They found them enjoyable and informative. Mr A was very knowledgeable and supportive of all children and catered for all needs and abilities. 5* Holdbrook Primary

The A-life Drugs Awareness workshops was a great experience for our pupils. The children were engaged and focused. The activities were fun and interesting. 5* Ark Dickens Primary Academy.

Wonderful, interactive tasks with focus on children’s health education. The healthy workshops allowed children to learn all aspects of health from healthy eating to being safe at home. The children really enjoyed. The fitness session tested children’s agility coordination and endurance. The children loved all stations because each had a different challenge 5*. Fryent Primary School

Really engaging , great activities, kids loved it, clear explanations. 5* Child said I don’t normally like PE but i really enjoyed the A-life fitness session. 5* Wilshere-Dacre Junior

Great workshop in the morning . Health workshop was very informative and fun. Kids also really enjoyed the afternoon active session. Very active ! 5* Moseley CE Primary