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A-life At Home

One of our main aims as a company is to help teachers bring the curriculum to life. We understand how busy and challenging a teacher’s job is, so our workshops have been designed to tick a vast number of curriculum objectives for you and engage all pupils, including those with language limitations, behavioural issues or mixed ages & abilities.

Our coaches have been highly trained to deliver fun sessions at the same time as maintaining control and order so that children remain engaged with the activities, learn valuable lessons and return to the classroom invigorated, not hyped! All teachers we come into contact with are impressed by our professionalism, helpfulness and the resources and delivery they receive for the money spent. See feedback from teachers here.

Working with your school

Working together

We partner with you to help achieve your school’s aims in healthy living education. Whether you are planning a healthy schools week, focussing on a particular topic such as ‘Healthy Me’, tackling issues like obesity, smoking or sleep or just want a fun-filled educational day that will inspire and motivate your pupils, we will work with you to create a programme that will meet your aims.

Minimal disruption

Our workshops have been designed with schools in mind. As opposed to a six week programme that would be hard to fit into a busy school timetable, our workshops can be fitted into a single school day, covering 60 pupils per session and up to 300 pupils per day!

Value for money

Our hands-on workshops use lots of specialist equipment with uniquely designed tasks and challenges that are fun but educational, bringing the curriculum to life in a way that is not possible in the classroom, so that children can understand the information and remember it. It has been said that an A-life day is ‘like having the science museum to your school!’ A-life online is a great resource teachers can use everyday to get children active and learning.


A-life Online is an affordable, online subscription that includes A-life Brain Boosts and Body Boosts! Kick off your topic or assembly with a 5-8 minute topic-specific Brain Boost (includes age differentiated Teach Sheets to continue the learning) and then get your class or school moving with a wide range of 1-10 minute Body Boost active, brain break videos.

Enjoy an ad-free video bank of mental and physical health lesson boosts to use anytime. Videos and follow up Teach Sheets are differentiated by age for EY to Year 6, providing a whole school approach with age-appropriate content for maximum engagement and interaction.


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