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Interactive Mental Health Workshops For Schools

“The Mental Wellbeing session was Amazing! I have never seen my class so engaged in a workshop. Each station was exciting, fun and encouraged great team work. I am excited to follow up on GetCALM Activities. The trainer was patient, calm and explained everything clearly.”

5 ***** Byron Court Primary School

In-school visit with hands-on resources

Session length: 1 hour
No. of pupils per session: Approx. 30 ( 1 class)
Age suitability: Years 1-6

This workshop is very hands-on and interactive to engage the children as they explore the various stations and activities. The stations are designed around the evidence-based ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, which are the 5 keys that have been recognised to improve mental wellbeing in children and adults. We have called these keys GetCALM, standing for:  

get Giving

get Connected

get Active

get Learning

get Mindful

We have carefully tied in about 90% of the new RHE curriculum into this workshop. With learning, fun and sustainability at the heart of what we do.  

Activity Stations

After a quick introduction by the A-life coach, children then visit each activity (circuit style) in their small group. Each activity kicks off with a short video starring Brainy our fun animated character who is learning about the ‘five ways to wellbeing’! Then the small group are set off on a timed challenge with a huge mixture of audio, visual, kinesthetic learning, including the latest technology for maximum retention. Here are some of the challenges to give you a taster:

  • – Explore different emotions and looking after yourself, respectful and empathetic relationships with others
  • – Escape room type challenge, children connect by working together to unlock the box before the time runs out
  • -Learn about being safe, basic first aid and where to go for / how to get help 
  • -Take part in challenges, solve scenarios by working as a team to complete tasks
  • -Enjoy Virtual Reality & Immersive Audio experiences to help children take notice of the world around them
  • -Take part in a fun physical activity challenge (this can also be used at home for the whole family)
  • -Explore sensory stations to tune into and reconnect with their senses
  • -Use puzzles and other hands-on activities to learn about relationships and that connecting with others is key to mental wellbeing

We are also very keen to develop connections with parents/carers and teachers so they are able to support the children with this crucial topic of mental wellbeing. Parent Workshops available during school and/or after school.

Online version also available

We also have an  Online Mental Health & Wellbeing video based version for years 1-6.  Teachers simply ‘click and go’ the lesson from a screen at the front of the class.The lesson comes with easy to use worksheets for the children and Includes engaging teaching bites, class discussion, worksheet fun and even a 5 minute desk workout. See more at Online Mental Health Workshops